Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Introducing Joseph's sibling

The first picture of our new baby on this blog:

In case the picture doesn't help. Here are some purchases that Erin made tonight:

Joseph, Erin and the Toddster are pleased to announce that next February we will be welcoming a baby girl to our family.

Ultrasound Images

This morning, we got some great images of our new bundle of joy from the ultrasound technician.

We'd like to post them here, but unfortunately, we're having technical difficulties getting the images onto our blog.

We hope to have this remedied shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Baby Names

EX POST FACTO DISCLAIMER:We are likely NOT going to be using any of these names for our next child. This post was originally written as a part of a series of posts designed to drag out the process of announcing whether we were having a boy or a girl.

The names on this list are examples of what could be considered androgynous or unisex names. We were teasing people by giving a list of names that potentially could be used for either a boy or a girl.

For a current list of the most "gender neutral" baby names click here.

Agreeing on a name for Joseph was a lengthy process that didn't end until after Joseph's birth. We don't want to deal with the same struggle in naming our second child, so we're taking input on a good name.

What do you think of the following names?
  • Pat
  • Chris
  • Jamie
  • Jessie
  • Alex
  • Riley
  • Jean
  • Robin
  • Terry

We're hoping to engender some useful suggestions here.

Big Announcement

Erin went in for an ultrasound this morning, and Joseph is pleased to announce that somewhere around February 20, 2010, Joseph is going to become a big brother.

We are all VERY excited.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Halloween

The other day after I got home from work I mentioned that we could go shopping for Halloween decorations. Although Joseph didn't know what those were at the time, he heard me and started insisting that we go get Halloween decorations, so we did.

The next day, he insisted on wearing a Halloween shirt that his grandparents had given him - even though it is black, long-sleeved, and it was 100 degrees outside. So, I figured it was as good a day as any to decorate (even if it was a bit premature).

Joseph had a great time helping me.

He is really excited for Halloween. He loves the pumpkins and ghosts and other Halloween things, and I think he finally understands the concept of a costume (though we haven't decided on one yet -- any ideas???), and we've been talking about saying "trick-or-treat" and getting candy.

(He is just mad that we are trying to take his picture here.)

Yesterday we even spent some time playing in last year's costume, since he is so into dinosaurs right now and loves looking at last year's pictures of "baby Joseph being dinosaur".

Apparently he doesn't need the costume to be a triceratops, though, because tonight he informed me that he has horns.

However, even this excitement did not prepare me for the purchase that Todd made the other day.

Meet Ludwig the skeleton/skull. Todd didn't catch on about my "cute" Halloween-themed decorations, and instead went straight for creepy. I guess this is to get me back for getting Joseph a super-girly, hot-pink Valentine's Day playset.

But Joseph loves Ludwig. He plays with him, shares with him, hugs him, and gives him hats so he doesn't get cold (since Ludwig lacks hair).

It is a good thing Joseph is getting a sibling soon because obviously the poor child is lonely.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Other Part of the Visit

We also spent some quality time with family in Utah while we were out for the wedding.

Mostly, it involved me playing with this really, really cute little guy:

Joseph absolutely loved his cousin Asher too. He liked holding him and cuddling him and making him smile and telling me how "cute" Asher is. He was generally pretty gentle with him (we just had to watch to make sure he didn't try to "share" his own food with Asher).

We also got to meet my sister's fiance, Devin, who immediately won Joseph over with his talent for making strange noises. Joseph loves talking about how Devin and Keegan are getting married. Inasmuch as Keegan is actually Lindsey's husband, Lauren and Lindsey aren't as happy with that arrangement, but hopefully Joseph will get things straight eventually.

Joseph also got to go swimming at the splash park, meet Keegan's horny-toads, and play with the kitty cat. (The other day he spontaneously told me that he "loves Kiki at Gramma White's house" and that she is "his friend.") He loved playing with his aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa White. He was not happy about coming home.

Hopefully I'll have more pictures to post -- but I'm waiting for Lindsey to email me. Hint, Hint.

The Wedding

Last week we flew out to Utah to attend the wedding of our good friends Sam and Nancy.

I think Todd and I would both rank Sam and Nancy's big day as one of the happiest of our own lives. Sam has been a dear friend to Todd for many years, Nancy has also been a good friend since law school, and the two of them are the most perfect, happy couple you will ever see. Also, on a completely selfish note, it was fabulous attending the wedding of people that we introduced because everyone wanted to meet us and thank us. It almost got embarrassing ...

Some of the other thing that made it so great were:

Nancy and Sam are both amazing party planners, so we knew this event was not to be missed. Sam is a professional chef and his boss, one of the best pastry chefs in the country, made the cake:

Joseph got to wear a super cute little outfit since he was part of the wedding party. Unfortunately, he did not cooperate very well with the pictures.

But, hopefully they got some good candids of him running around - he had a really good time.

I don't know who this woman is in the picture, but mostly we took this to show Joseph wandering far off in the background:

Joseph especially enjoyed the live band and dancing. Seriously, he danced for most of the night. Everytime a song would end, he'd get mad and yell, "More music! More singing!" until they started up again, and he'd be back dancing.

Almost as fun as the dancing were the sparklers.

We got to catch up with some law school friends (most of whom we hadn't seen since graduation), and Todd was able to see lots of friends from his mission. Todd and Sam's mission president performed the ceremony and did a lovely job. It reminded us a lot of our own wedding day.

As you can see in this happy picture, all of us (even Joseph!) had a grand time. We are hoping for another inadvertent-but-successful set up soon. Baby #2 is coming in February, so we're thinking maybe he or she can fill Joseph's shoes and facilitate another marriage.