Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three Years and Four Months

Today our little Audrey Bee is four months. The time has flown and we love having this girl in our family. We love Audrey's huge, infectious grin. She smiles with her whole body at anyone who will look at her. Her blue eyes sparkle and she has cute little dimples. Also can't fail to mention her amazing hair. We have no idea where she got dark, curly hair -- Todd, Joseph and I all have very straight hair -- but it sure is fun!

And a couple of weeks ago, Joseph turned three years old. We also love him. He keeps us in stitches with the crazy things that he says, and he is such a sweet big brother. He's also a sweet friend, usually. Although he has a hard time sharing his things when people come over, he still loves his friends. Last week we were hiking (more on that later) and he was having a great time and kept saying that he wanted to bring his friends Ashton and Chase there. He's sweet and thoughtful.

We were in Utah for Joseph's birthday. He had requested a bug cake so I made him a bug mountain cake and his aunt made a ladybug cake.

Then when we got back, we had his first-ever "friend" birthday party. It was, again, a bug theme. The kids had bug races (where they crawled like ladybugs, flew like butterflies, and hopped like grasshoppers); ate "ants" (chocolate sprinkles) with no hands; and went on a bug hunt for some fake bugs we'd hidden around the park (of course some found some real bugs too). It was cute and easy and I think a success!

We love our little kids and the buddies that they are becoming!

P.S. Although it appears in some of these pre-3rd birthday pictures, the pacifier is now officially GONE from Joseph's life. And it was a lot easier than we had feared ... we should have banned it long ago.