Sunday, July 10, 2011

Torrey Pines

Went hiking. Kids had fun. Kids got very dirty. Joseph wore his super awesome sunglasses. Mom was exceedingly pregnant.

Father's Day

None of them are looking in the same direction - but they are all smiling. Score!

Family Vacation

We've been wanting to take a last little family vacation before our family of four becomes a family of five, so when a busy trial at work wrapped up, we seized the opportunity to take a few days off and headed north to Newport Beach for some family fun.
We stayed at some nice little villas that were perfect for our family - two bedrooms, a kitchen, family, two big bathrooms, etc., so everyone had plenty of space. Joseph kept commenting about how HUGE everything was. He *loved* the hotel. They also had a number of swimming pools (including a kiddie pool), a putting green, a play ground, and other activities for the kids. So we spent most of our time hanging around there.

But we also went to the beach, where Audrey decided she was not interested in the chilly water (fine with us, as that meant we didn't have to chase her around the whole time), and Joseph decided he was more interested in "protecting" our stuff from aggressive squirrels and birds than really doing anything else.

Before we left we spent the day around Balboa and Newport Beach, visiting the places where Todd spent many of his family vacations as a kid.

Joseph didn't want to come home, but we came home anyway.
The end.