Friday, March 18, 2011

Ultrasound results

Joseph has been saying for a while that he only wants the new baby to be a boy and that if it's a girl he's going to be sad--or scared of it.

As we approached Joseph to tell him the results, he started excitedly calling out "Is it a boy? Is it a boy?" Here's what followed:

In case it's not clear from the video, Joseph will have to wait a bit longer to learn how to deal with disappointment in life: we're having a little boy in August.

We're all very excited. For Joseph's sake, we're thrilled, and we're convinced that Audrey can easily handle two brothers.

However, there are some serious matters to attend to: we have less than 5 months to come up with a non-conventional spelling of "Jimmer" so that our Jimmer stands out. So far, the leading spelling is Gymhur. (It's sort of Ben-Hur meets Gymnasium).

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Potty Pants

Audrey has been really interested in Joseph's big boy potty pants for a long time. Whenever she finds the laundry basket, she digs through it and pulls out a pair of his potty pants. She likes to walk around the house carrying them. As long as the laundry is clean, we don't really care--we don't understand, but we don't care.

Sometimes when Audrey is resisting getting her diaper changed, I'll grab a pair of her brother's potty pants from the dresser drawer and give them to her to distract her. The last couple of times that I've done this, she's done something that looks like she's trying to put them on herself.

Today, I helped her out, and she's never been more proud:

When I set her down, she kept pulling on them to admire them and checking to make sure that she really did have them on. After giving them a few tugs to make sure they weren't going anywhere, she set off feeling confident and empowered.