Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Pumpkin Patch and a Re-do

We have a Halloween tradition of visiting Bate's Nut Farm. It has, as this post evidences, traditionally provided great photo ops. This year promised the same, so I bought Joseph a cute little Halloween shirt that would match his surroundings and optimize the photo shoot.


We went a couple of weeks ago and it was like 100 degrees outside. Joseph spent the first twenty minutes or so running around like crazy, looking for a "white pumpkin" (we found one) and getting very sad everytime he saw a rotten pumpkin (these poor rotten pumpkins were very upsetting to him). We couldn't get him to sit down around any of the pumpkins. So, no good photos there. Then, once he calmed down, heat exhaustion set in and he was pretty grouchy. No good photos there either. We cut our trip pretty short so that everyone (well mostly me and my overheated preggo belly) could cool off. We were left with very little.

Joseph and his white pumpkin:

Joseph not willing to sit for pictures:

Joseph sitting on my lap for a split-second:

Today we got the opportunity for a re-do. Joseph's Nana, Grandpa and Uncle Brent were in town so they all decided to take advantage of the cooler weather to return to the pumpkin patch.


Joseph even got to ride a pony -- but if you tell him it was a pony, he will emphatically claim that it was a horse, NOT a pony.

I'm just bummed that Joseph has TWO Halloween shirts that he could have worn, but both were dirty. Luckily this did not seem to diminish the significance of the trip for Joseph, whose prayer tonight included effusive gratitude for "pumpkin patch, pony at pumpkin patch, scarecrow at pumpkin patch, candy, and trick-or-treat." He had a happy day.