Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Very Belated Post On The Real Birthday

As noted, Joseph celebrated his 2nd birthday several times, only one of which (the party with his Brazier cousins) has been adequately documented on this blog.

His actual birthday started out with a cupcake and candles for breakfast, and he opened a present (a DVD to watch later that day).

Todd took me to work and then he and Joseph went to the airplane display.

After work, we went out for pizza (one of Joseph's favorite foods) and then took Joseph miniature golfing.

He had a grand time. He was only interested in golfing the first couple of holes, and eventually got distracted by the pond, but had a lovely time nonetheless.

Then it was back home to more cupcakes, candles, and singing.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Professor Goldsmith

During law school, I worked for Professor Michael Goldsmith, a dynamic and accomplished man with big ideas and a fantastic sense of humor. Many of our friends who read this blog also survived classes in Evidence and Criminal Procedure from him.

Recently, Professor Goldsmith was diagnosed with ALS (a.k.a. as Lou Gehrig’s disease), a disease for which there is currently no cure.

Although ALS does not affect the intellect, the disease takes away the brain’s ability to control voluntary muscle movement. Symptoms of ALS include muscle atrophy with sufferers experiencing impaired use of their limbs, as well as difficulty in breathing, speaking, and swallowing.

Last year, Professor Goldsmith wrote a piece published in Newsweek magazine (link) calling out Major League Baseball for having failed to do something meaningful about the illness that ended the career and life of one of its greatest players nearly 70 years ago.

Thankfully, Goldsmith’s idea of commemorating the 70th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s historic farewell speech resonated with people.

Here’s a NBC news report from last Saturday:

A New York Times story quoted Professor Goldsmith:

“I have spent more than two decades exhorting law students to take a proactive ‘can-do’ approach to the law and life in general. And I have tried to lead by example, showing them how creativity and commitment to a cause can produce positive results. The success of this effort demonstrates yet again how the power of one can make a difference.”

To our classmates (and anyone who was moved by that video): here are some useful links--

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Last night, we went out to watch the fireworks with Joseph's cousins. We figured he'd either be enthralled or bawling because of the noise and the late hour.

Turns out it was more the former than the latter. At first, the loud sounds bothered him, but he was riveted by the sights. He would watch quietly, but as soon as a a lull in the explosions came around, he would briefly let out a yell to voice his displeasure at the noise before being distracted and totally silenced by the next set of fireworks. That only lasted for the first few minutes, and for most of the show, he just stared up with his jaw half-open and a twinkle in his eye while giving a running narration of the colors and lights.

The Toddster's favorite Joseph comment of the night: Joseph looking up at the sky and describing the fireworks as "wild!"

Erin's favorite Joseph comment of the night: Before he zonked out on the way home Erin asked him who went to see the fireworks.

Joseph responds by naming one of his cousins.

Erin asks "who else?"

Joseph names his uncle.

Erin asks "who else?"

Joseph, realizing that this game could go on for quite some time, responds "people."