Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Living Scriptures

Tonight, as we were getting Joseph ready for bed, we read the parable of the Prodigal Son.

We've kind of been slacking on our read-a-scripture-story-before-bedtime routine, but (much like updating our blog) we're not going to let past failures deter us. Tonight, Joseph also gave us new motivation to keep up with this tradition.

In the past, we would find a picture from a scripture story and then repeat the same story two or three nights in a row and ask him questions to see what details he remembered from previous nights. Sometimes we'd come up with some kind of game to act out from the story (e.g., Gathering animals like Noah, putting our nets in the water like Peter, building a boat like Nephi. I guess nautical-themed stories seem to lend themselves well to activities for two-year olds).

So last night, we talked about how the dad forgave his son and was so happy to see him even though the son had been doing naughty things that he shouldn't have been doing. We just focused on the picture and the story and didn't bother coming up with an action for "riotous living" or for wanting to eat pig food.

Tonight, after we reviewed the story, Joseph announced joyfully, "I'm going to pretend to do something naughty." Not knowing what was coming next, we watched with amused anticipation. Joseph quickly ran around a little table, wound up, and whacked me on the arm as hard as he could. He then looked up at me with a twinkle in his eye and waited for me to do my part where the daddy forgives his son with a great big hug.

Erin fought off laughter by biting her knuckle, but was able to recompose herself after he hit me again for the repeat performance.

I have now determined that Erin gets to be the robbers whenever she agrees to let us act out Ammon defending the king's flocks.

Also, we're also going to hold off on David and Goliath for a while as well.

(we'll explain the story behind those last two pictures soon)

Not to be left out, Audrey is also ready for her key role in the "Solomon/split the baby" story:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Road Trip I: The Prequel

We are pretty much on the verge of giving up on the blog -- been working ten-plus hour days since I started back to work last week, and things are looking to get even worse in the next month. But, I would be remiss not to blog about our big road trips that we took while I was still on my maternity leave. So.

We decided to do a "mini" road trip to Bryce National Park and Zion National Park on our way home from my parents' house in Utah. This was a test run to see if we thought the kids could handle a much longer road trip from San Diego to Seattle and back. Needless to say (since we ended up doing the San Diego - Seattle trip), it was a huge hit!

Joseph was a great little hiker some of the time. Other times he liked to be carried. Still other times, he liked to get "hiking sticks" that were about 6 inches long and actually made hiking far, far more difficult because we all had to crouch down to the ground to use the hiking sticks. But he really enjoyed it and I was pleasantly surprised at how accessible the Parks were even to families with young children like us. We were able to see a lot of amazing things without killing ourselves toting our kids around.

I'm going to let the following quotes from Joseph speak for themselves, and then just post a bunch of pictures that I will not bother to caption or explain or anything. Enjoy!

Joseph's Quotes

(these also include quotes from the stay at Grandma's house):

"I was looking into Kiki's [my parents' cat] beautiful eyes and eyelashes, and she was tickling me with her claws and teeth!"

"I forgive you, daddy." (Said to Todd after a time-out.)

"Did grandpa have a bug cake, too?" (Said in response to us telling him it was his grandpa Goodsell's birthday the day after his.)

"I want to hear the stream say, 'Give-oh'." (Said while hiking in Zion.)

"This is a nice swordfish, not a mean one." (Said about the imaginary swordfish he caught in the Virgin River.)

"Is this bus [the shuttle in Zion] taking us to Joseph's house?"

"Hoodoos [rock formations in Bryce] are amazing and cool."

"At one point, I saw a T-rex." (Reflecting on a trip to the dinosaur museum.)