Sunday, August 15, 2010

6 months of Audrey

Today our little girl turned 6 months old. Here's what you need to know about Miss Audrey B.

Her body is still too tiny to contain her smiles. She wiggles, squirms, flaps her arms, and kicks her legs when she smiles.

She does not cuddle. She does not want to be held. She only wants to roam the floors and go wherever her rollings take her. She'll cry when she gets tired or hungry, but mostly she's just content calling the shots about where she goes.

She owns many "age-appropriate" toys. She plays with none of them.

She's especially fond of cars, dinosaurs, and wrenches.

Unlike her brother at this age, Audrey likes needs to put EVERYTHING in her mouth.

She's now learning to eat solids. She enjoys rice cereal, applesauce and mashed bananas.

Mostly she enjoys grabbing the spoon away; it feels like fighting a hydra to get the spoon to her mouth, but we're making progress.

She loves the camera

She looks like her mommy

But her daddy thinks she has a little bit of grandpa in her too

Her favorite person in the world is her brother. Oddly enough, other than a few immunizations, Joseph has been the source of every traumatic, painful, and bothersome experience in her life, yet Audrey still beams whenever he walks into the room.

Audrey is under this tent:

This is how she got in this tent:

This is how she feels about her brother putting her in this tent:

She loves watching what Joseph does and wants to do whatever he's doing.

In turn, Joseph loves taking care of her and greeting her when she wakes up from sleeping:

They like to play a game Joseph named "T-Rex and Meat."

They take turns. Audrey doesn't like being the meat.

Other random details: She's strong enough to sit on her own, but hasn't figured out the balancing part yet. She's got a couple of teeth poking through on the bottom. She may just have an ear infection, but she frequently does this cute little thing where she pulls on a curl on the side of her head.