Friday, December 2, 2011


Joseph wanted to be a hamburger for Halloween, which I thought was cute particularly considering he's at an age where lots of kids want to be superheroes or characters from T.V. shows, etc. It must be because we never, ever let him watch T.V. and so he's so creative. (HAH!!! Just kidding. Everything that kid knows he learned from PBS.) Anyway, since Audrey and William didn't have an opinion, we went with a family theme. Cute banquet, huh?

We had a Halloween party at work, a trunk-or-treat at church, homemade caramel apple night at homes, and finally, trick-or-treating on the actual night. Joseph went with his buddy Ryan. This was the first year where Audrey knew what was going on. It was hilarious. She would just stare people down as they kept giving her candy until she felt she had a sufficient amount. Then she'd say, "duh duh" ("thank you", obviously) and move on to the next house. If people let the kids pick their own candy, Audrey would grab two handfuls. She also strongly preferred lollipops and took them whenever available. It was a little embarrassing but she is such a tiny thing that everyone just thought it was funny.

We decided that the day after Halloween, the kids could just eat all the candy they wanted - but then it was going to disappear. So they did gorge themselves but it wasn't too bad and they were fine the next day when it disappeared. The best part was that with all the lollipops Audrey had collected, she'd have us open them, then take a few licks, and decide she was done and throw them in the trash. Fine with me!

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